Admiring the Mansion $310M of MVP Stephen Curry – Traditional Feud Of King James

Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors, is undoubtedly the greatest three-point sniper in NBA history. In addition, he has won four NBA titles and two MVP awards. Given that Curry is the world’s greatest shooter, have you ever pondered how he lives? So, you need not ponder any longer.




This article will discuss Stephen Curry’s $310 M Silicon Valley mansion.





In the past, Curry has resided in multiple residences. Curry sold his Walnut Creek estate, which he had purchased for $3.2 M, for $3.7 M in 2016. Around the same time, the Warriors star paid $5.78 M for the Alamo residence. From 2018 to 2019, Curry and his family resided in the 8,163-square-foot Alamo residence. It was only logical for the four-time NBA champion to relocate once the Golden State Warriors moved from Oakland to San Francisco’s new arena. Consequently, Curry sold his Alamo residence for $9 M. In 2020, Curry paid $30 M for a 17,761-square-foot property, which he later sold to Forrest Li for $311.2 M. In 2022, Curry resides in a 17,800-square-foot mansion that he and his wife Ayesha purchased for $30M.



This is a snapshot of Curry’s $310 M residence.